Demand Soars for High-End Phuket Developments

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Demand Soars for High-End Phuket Developments

Tion Star Group, the force behind The Ozone Group project, has committed a substantial investment of 5.5 billion baht to unveil their latest opulent pool villa endeavor, "The Ozone Residences," and the condominium project named "The Ozone Lagunia Condominium." These ventures will grace a sprawling 41 rai (approximately 16 acres) of land in the Bang Tao Beach area, Choeng Thale, Thalang, Phuket.

Mr. Jutha Thiensukon, the executive of Tion Star Group and the owners of The Ozone Group project, emphasized the meticulous efforts invested in overcoming obstacles to design and develop luxurious Phuket pool villas and condos that offer unparalleled value for both Thai and international residents.

Mr. Ilyas Chunchomsap, the Chief Operating Officer of Tion Star Group, shared that The Ozone Lagunia Condominium project has already secured over 40% of bookings. The Ozone Residences, featuring 3-bedroom units, are nearly sold out even before an official launch. The project's location has garnered significant interest from Thai and foreign customers, especially attracting a considerable influx of foreign customers from Russia and Europe.

Mr. Hook Gao, Director of Marketing and Sales, unveiled Tion Star Group's upcoming project, The Ozone Campus Villa, a luxurious villa strategically situated near the UWC Thailand International School, Phuket, Thanyapura Sports Center, and Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort.

Bright Prospects for Phuket Real Estate Market in 2023

Ms. Thanatchaporn Sombat, Chief Executive Officer at iBrand Real Estate and Property (Thailand), the agency overseeing the project, highlighted the clear trajectory of the Phuket real estate market in the current year. Observing the substantial reservations for The Ozone Lagunia Condominium, reaching approximately 40%, it is evident that the market caters to both residential and rental investment properties. The customer demographic is predominantly foreign, with Chinese, Russian, and European customers leading the trend, and plans to expand to the Indian market in the future.

Ms. Thanatchaporn further emphasized the rarity of such a valuable gem in Phuket, considering the potential of the location and the scarcity of new real estate projects in the area due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation.

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