Townhouses in Bangkok for New Families

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Townhouses in Bangkok for New Families

Townhouses in Bangkok for New Families

The Bangkok townhouse market is experiencing a remarkable surge, witnessing a staggering 275% increase and over 200 transactions in 2023 alone. These townhouses are not only in demand among newlyweds embarking on their family journey but also appeal perfectly to families with their first child and expats residing in Thailand. The finest quality townhouses provide ample space along with family-friendly layouts, establishing them as the preferred choice for new families. Situated in prime locations like Sukhumvit, Bang Chak, and Lat Phrao, these townhouses offer a blend of city excitement and a warm, family-friendly ambiance. Our comprehensive guide below will assist you in transforming Bangkok into your family's dream home. Let's delve into it now!

Why Opt for a Townhouse for Your Family

Numerous compelling reasons warrant your consideration of purchasing a townhouse to kickstart your family life. Below, you'll discover some valuable insights into acquiring a townhouse.

Reduced Tax Burden:

Townhouses generally incur lower property taxes compared to single-family homes. For instance, if the annual property tax for a single-family home is 50,000 THB, townhouse owners can enjoy a 15-20% reduction, resulting in an annual property tax ranging from 40,000 to 42,500 THB. These savings, totaling 7,500 to 10,000 THB annually, can be directed towards a savings account, a family vacation, or your child's education fund, making townhouses an attractive option for families.

Lower Maintenance Expenses:

On average, townhouses entail 25% less maintenance costs than standalone houses and housing projects. The typical annual maintenance cost for a detached house is around 90,000 THB, whereas townhouse owners spend approximately 67,500 THB. This translates to an annual savings of 22,500 THB, which could be utilized for a family vacation, back-to-school shopping, or initiating a college fund for your children.

Ample Outdoor Space:

Most townhouses come with a small yard or patio, providing an ideal space for kids to play or hosting family BBQs without the hassle of maintaining a large lawn.

Ease of Redesign:

Townhouses are more straightforward and cost-effective to decorate or renovate, boasting an average size of 139 to 223 square meters. This allows homeowners to personalize their space without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Freedom:

Townhouses often have fewer restrictions on renovations and pet ownership compared to condos. This provides the freedom of a house without the substantial price tag.

Growing Homebuyer Demand for Townhouses

Townhouses in Bangkok are currently in higher demand than ever, substantiated by a remarkable year-over-year surge of 1,200%. The ongoing pandemic has made home offices a necessity, and townhouses, offering additional space, have become increasingly sought after. In the last quarter of 2023, the number of homebuyers seeking townhouses in Bangkok witnessed a staggering increase of 275%.

The majority of searches are conducted within Thailand, and the primary motivation for these purchases is to acquire a new home. Developers are struggling to keep up with this surging demand, with new townhouse listings typically being sold within an average of 36 days. Acting promptly to secure a townhouse in Bangkok as your first home is advisable. Explore the top 4 townhouses in Bangkok below.

Top 4 Townhouses in Bangkok for Your First Home

Bangkok's townhouses are experiencing unprecedented popularity, evident in a staggering year-over-year surge of 1,200%. The pandemic has played a significant role, making home offices essential, and townhouses, with their additional space, have become highly coveted. In the last quarter of 2023, the number of homebuyers looking to purchase townhouses in Bangkok rose by an impressive 275%.

1. Estara Haven Pattanakarn 20

Estara Haven Pattanakarn 20 is a cozy community with 152 Suan Luang, Bangkok townhouses. Townhouses offer perfect comfort and convenience blends developed by the renowned Estara Group. Homebuyers love Estara Haven Pattanakarn 20 because it's in a great yet affordable area featuring home automation, motion sensors, and magnetic sensors. Besides, it greatly presents value to homebuyers priced 23% lower than similar properties around Suan Luang—conveniently close to schools- an ideal family location.

2. The Private Sukhumvit-Bangchak

The Private Sukhumvit-Bangchak is conveniently located in Phra Khanong and near Bang Chak BTS station. Townhouses in this project are great choices for starting a family because it's near several reputable schools. One such school is Anglo Singapore International School offering education based on the Singapore Curriculum Framework, leading to the Cambridge IGCSE. Besides, The Private Sukhumvit-Bangchak provides private areas for family activities and relaxation. Prices for these townhouses start at only THB 6.9 million.

The Private Sukhumvit-Bangchak offers high-quality homes attracting many homebuyers. The developer built all townhouses with strong materials and used the latest construction methods for long-lasting comfort. So, many people decide to buy here because they appreciate the quality.

3. Baan Mayfair Ladprao 71

Baan Mayfair Ladprao 71 is conveniently located in Ladprao, Bangkok, offering easy access to work and leisure spots. Homebuyers starting a family are mostly looking to start a family in this community because of its family-friendly amenities and proximity to schools. Besides, with only 6 units left, it provides an exclusive and intimate living experience. What makes it even more appealing is its design. The design of Baan Mayfair Ladprao 71 is modern and cozy, making it a comfortable place to call your first home.

4. The Park Lane Sukhumvit - Bearing

The Park Lane Sukhumvit-Bearing offers townhouses at 20% below the average market price, making it a budget-friendly choice in a prime location. It's a perfect spot for families looking to settle down. It's just 10 minutes from top-rated schools. The area also boasts a variety of amenities with three major shopping centers within a 5-mile radius, including Dadfa, Bearing Square, and Center One Shopping Plaza. The homes feature 95% energy-efficient materials and modern designs, maximizing space developed by Via Property Co., Ltd. With all these benefits, it's easy to see why The Park Lane Sukhumvit-Bearing is a smart buy.

Your First Home Awaits

You are considering buying your first home and starting a family, and townhouses should be your go-to option. Post-pandemic trends show townhouses, especially those in prime areas like Sukhumvit and Lat Phrao are adapting to offer more remote work-friendly spaces and family amenities. Regarding prices, you'll find options that fit a range of budgets starting as low as THB 6.9 million. But don't worry, a lower price doesn't mean you must compromise on quality. These homes are built to last using high-grade materials and modern design elements that make everyday living a joy.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're eager to find your first home, search Hula today for the perfect towhouse!.

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