Transferring funds into Thailand

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Transferring funds into Thailand

Transferring funds into Thailand

The process of bringing money into Thailand is pretty simple as long as you have the right documentation you can easily transfer it out without any problems. You need to provide proof on inbound transfer of funds from the issuing bank noting the specific purpose of the transfer - for example “Property Purchase, Building Name, Unit Number, Location” and you will receive a FET or Tor Tor 3 form from the bank as a supporting document.

The FET (foreign exchange transfer form) also known as TT3 is the official form required to transfer over 20,000 USD into Thailand in any currency in order to purchase a property.  The proper issuing of this document is required in the future event of selling the property as it will facilitate you transferring the funds out of Thailand.  For all other payment methods, you will be required to obtain a payment slip to be used as supporting documentation when you eventually transfer money back to your home country.

  • If over 20,000 USD into a developers bank, they can get the TT3 form for you.
  • If under 20,000 USD into the developer banks then the developer will get a payment slip from the bank instead of the TT3/FET form.
  • If over 20,000 USD into your account in Thailand and then to the developer - you will need to get the TT3 from your bank

For all other methods of payment, you will be required to get a payment slip from the bank you use as a supporting document (instead of the FET/TT3 form)

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